Keeping Green Beans green?

accroul, Dec 24, 3:52am
How do I cook my green beans so that they stay green! They always turn a yuck khaki colour before they're done!

wildflower, Dec 24, 3:57am
Maybe you're giving them a bit too long cooking time!You can refresh a lot of veg to keep the colour by running under cold water straight away after cooking.

esther-anne, Dec 24, 4:33am
I always steam them and they really retain their colour.However if you are doing them in a saucepan as I did before I started steamig veges, a small pinch of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) helps greens keep their colour and leaves no after taste provided it IS a pinch!

sarahb5, Dec 24, 4:33am
A pinch of baking soda in the cooking water but don't cook them for too long either - bring to the boil, turn down to a simmer and once they are bright green and tender turn off the water and drain.

sarahb5, Dec 24, 4:34am
Snap - my grandma always did this

esther-anne, Dec 24, 4:41am
snap sarahb5!

esther-anne, Dec 24, 4:42am
Heavens - we can't keep snapping like this!

eastie3, Dec 24, 4:45am
Don't put the lid on the pot.

accroul, Dec 24, 5:00am
OK, I think I get the message. Put a pinch of Baking soda in my pot!

Thanks & Merry Christmas!

esther-anne, Dec 24, 7:11am
You're welcome-Merry Christmas to you too accroul

karlymouse, Dec 24, 10:54am
Try blanching them . cooking briefly , then refresh in cold water and reheat.

pickles7, Dec 24, 8:52pm
Over cooking them will turn them khaki.

ace441, Dec 25, 3:09am
Baking soda - my mum and nan do this and they always green. (Tis in Mrs Beetons cookbook from the 40's too!)

indy95, Dec 29, 10:29pm
+ 1 and refresh very briefly in a little cold water.

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