Fruit cake - what flour

samceleste, Dec 24, 3:55am
Dumb question for the day

my fruit cake recipe calls for baking powder & flour, but what kind!

It's a recipe I used to cook at work so I've got written down
2cups flour
2tsp baking powder
1kg fruit mix
2cups Orange juice

Haven't made it in 2 years!

lindylambchops1, Dec 24, 3:57am
Plain general purpose

sarahb5, Dec 24, 4:32am
If your recipe has baking powder then plain flour, if it doesn't then self raising because self raising is basically just plain flour with baking powder already added

samceleste, Dec 24, 4:40am
Thanks, I did sort of know that

Funny how I got put on 3 days a week doing all the baking at the cafe lol, I hadn't really ever baked even at home before then & really had no idea
Did ok though. People would come back for my carrot cake, had someone tell me it was the best they'd had in 15 years!

sarahb5, Dec 24, 4:42am
My daughter works in a cafe and in a "coals to Newcastle" type of scenariomade some Christmas mince pies and took them to work to share for morning tea yesterday.The chef liked them so much he gave her the money to make a batch for him as he said they were the best he'd had!

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