Christmas cake icing for him

wron, Dec 23, 5:40am
Posted by him! We made the cake which is currently being regularly fed with brandy and it's going to divided in half as she doesn't like almond icing! My question is about the top white layer - I've seached the recipes on here and printed off several pages, the nicest seem to be the butter ones (wouldn't these be soft!) but what about traditional royal icing I remember from my youth - is that the slightly easy break / stiffish brew my mum would have used - she's mid 90s now and can't really remember. If it is can anyone post a family recipe please! It's going ontop of the yellow stuff, yum!

nfh1, Dec 23, 5:43am
I use Royal Icing with this recipe

500 grams Icing Sugar
3 Large Egg Whites
0.5 Teaspoon of Glycerine

It sets hard, but not too hard with the glycerine.I love the marzipan - best bit!

nauru, Dec 23, 8:25am
Depending on the size of your cake, I'd say half the above recipe will be more than enough for the top of your cake.I made half recipe yesterday for a 23cm cake, icing top only.There was plenty for the top and piping and still have some left for my biscuits.Don't forget to add the glycerine or you will not be able to cut the cake as the icing will be too hard.

nfh1, Dec 23, 8:27am
Oh yes, sorry I should have said I make a Christmas Cake anda Birthday Cake at the same time - the only baking I do all year round!

Yes half the recipe will do fine.

wron, Dec 23, 10:58am
OK, thanks. I had some glycerine ages ago, used to use in a science experiment making fire without matches, but must have thrown out the bottle - can you buy it a supermarkets or at a pharmacy! Bit of a pain as I'll only need 1/4 of a teaspoon, but essential!

wron, Dec 24, 1:21am
Got some at a chemist, both Pack'N'Save and Countdown don't stock.
Nauru, did you add a few drops or use a1/4 teasoon measure! What about half of the 3 egg whites, I'm thinking of using 2 smaller ones.

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