Mint sauce - how far in advance can I make this?

castlerea, Dec 22, 7:28am
I'm assuming it's fine to make now and keep in the fridge until Christmas Day, given it has vinegar in it!Or is it better made fresh!And how long will it keep!Thanks for all advice!

olwen, Dec 22, 7:39am
It's probably okay to keep, but I'd make it fresh because it's so quickI put the mint leaves and sugar in the chopping bowl of the hand blender, chop it fine and put in a jug, cover with boiling water, then add vinegar.

My father used to chop the mint with the carving knife on the bread board.

castlerea, Dec 22, 7:47am
Ok thanks - I thought it might be one of those things that the flavour improves the longer it's kept.

lodgelocum, Dec 22, 7:48am
Will be fine made now, make it easier on Christmas Day;I made some weeks ago, keep it in a jar, good as in the fridge.

duckmoon, Dec 22, 9:15am
You can preserve it, so can be made in June, ready for Christmas, if required

nauru, Dec 22, 12:10pm
I agree, I do this all the time.It keeps well in a jar in the fridge.

kaddiew, Dec 22, 7:09pm
I still do mine that way. But I chop it with the sugar which makes it easier to do, and really infuses the sugar.

pussy01, Dec 23, 6:21am
needs time to mature.will last forever in the fridge and just add to it when it gets low

scruff71, Dec 23, 6:28am
Use gelatine with the sugar and vinegar - makes mint jelly.

kuaka, Dec 23, 6:58am
I think it's better fresh as the mint is still green not dark and discoloured.It takes all of about 3 minutes to make so why not make it fresh!

castlerea, Dec 23, 10:13am
Thanks everyone, will make it in the morning.Good to know that I could make it well in advance though, will remember that for next time.

brouser3, Dec 24, 1:22am
Will actually keep pretty much forever if left in the fridge.

kuaka, Dec 24, 3:57am
True, and it retains the flavour, but sadly not the colour.

fireman642, Dec 24, 4:29am
We used to have a vinegar bottle of it.I should know because I would often flavour the dip with mint sauce lol.I was never popular after doing that.

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