Cristmas Cake?

grouch, Dec 21, 10:03pm
Have had my Xmas Cakes stored in the refrigerator for a while now and have taken them out to ice. How long would I have to let them sit before I can ice them!

grouch, Dec 21, 10:24pm
Does anyone know!

korbo, Dec 21, 11:03pm
never put a cake in fridge before, but would imagine a few hours. are you putting the almond and white icing on then icing.cant see that it would make any difference, but someone else might be able to comment.

sarahb5, Dec 22, 3:07am
If it's very cold there would be a risk of condensation/moisture coming through and spoiling the icing so I'd wait until it had reached room temperature then spread with warm, thinned apricot jam before the almond paste and then icing.

gardie, Dec 22, 5:20pm
overnight/12 hours to ensure the whole cake is at room temp.

delms50, Dec 22, 6:06pm
Have you thought of making brandy butter icing Instead of using almond paste and white icing on your Christmas Cake. It is delicious and stays beautifully creamy and soft.The recipe I use is in the Edmonds Cook Book in the Fillings & Icing section.Called Butter Icing For Christmas Cake In my version.I have never put my Christmas Cakes in the fridge. Just keep them in an air tight container in the bottom of the pantry where it is cool and they keep for a long time. If you don't eat them them! Enjoy

grouch, Dec 22, 6:48pm
Yes thanks for that. I have never put the traditional icing on my cakes and have always used the brandy butter icing as I find a lot more people enjoy that instead. They are now out of the fridge, iced and ready to go.

delms50, Dec 22, 8:06pm
Yum. Enjoy. I'm icing mine today

sarahb5, Dec 23, 1:47am
I only use brandy butter to go on my Christmas mince pies, never used it as icing

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