Double compartment cupcake pan

arabelle, Dec 21, 9:03pm
Has anyone usedone ! wondering what sized recipe would be needed, it comes in one tray making the top and the bottom[one cupcake in all].and any hints of reducingcomplications, when baking with this tray

olwen, Dec 21, 10:13pm

korbo, Dec 21, 11:04pm
what on earth does this tin look like. neverheard of one before.

chicco2, Dec 22, 2:32am
Like this.544528285

I think you can get them at the red shed for cheaper.

As for the recipe size follow this method. Pour water into your old tin up to where the raw mixture would come. Then pour that water into the new tin as many times as it takes to 3/4 fill new tin. That is how many times you will have to multiply the recipe. .

arabelle, Dec 22, 5:45am
Smart idea thx chicco2,there were no instructions on the tin, and some of therecipes Ive looked at obviously have a larger giant cupcake

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