*** Russian fudge won't set ***

standard, Dec 20, 9:50am
Any idea's to make it set firm!

rumpelstiltskin, Dec 20, 10:14am
Sometimes reboiling it will help. Then very firm beating til it thickens up and almost begins to set in the pot.

wenpen, Dec 20, 10:28am
Have you boiled it until soft ball stage, giving it adequate time for the milk to evaporate off.

I always use caster sugar and go light on the butter and milk, always a little less than the recipe states. When I beat the mixture I always sit the pot in a sink of cold water to hasten the cooling process.

At this point if your fudge isn't setting you can return to the heat and bring back to soft ball stage and try again.

Should ask are you cooking on the stove or microwave

chatsmom, Dec 20, 7:35pm
It can be really hard to set if its a warm nor westerly day.
Another tip is to get a candy thermometer as it can help making sure if gets to the temp needed to make a soft ball.

standard, Dec 20, 9:39pm
Thanks for all those answers. I made it in the microwave and don't think that was the best idea!

sunnyflower, Dec 21, 12:39am
best to boil for at least 5 mins I beat mine with an electric beater then test it to see if you get that fudgy consistancy on your tongue keep going till u do, it will get thicker you will be able to tell if its going fudgy

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