How to decorate a males 21st birthday cake without

dreamitliveit, Dec 19, 2:32am

rainrain1, Dec 19, 4:49am
don't use any

chicco2, Dec 19, 5:47am
What is he interested in! Sport! Cars! Gaming! Girls!Hunting!
Even the words Happy 21st . can take up some room. Are you using fondant or butter cream! Find a cool ribbon, some candles. I would love to help, but I am too far away.

dreamitliveit, Dec 19, 9:33am
thanks Chicco2, hes very "manly" hes a farmer haha! ill be using butter cream and yea ill definitely write happy 21st but i kinda want a theme duno how i could do a farm themed one with out getting too complicated or if he would like it but just thought someone might have some ideas!, he loves my cakes anyway so he will be happy but i am so use to doing little girls cake, kinda stumped as to his! :0

kiwibubbles, Dec 19, 10:40am
cover cake in green buttercream, make fence out of chocolate fingers and make some sheep from marshmallows!!v=wmezXqCijeQ not that manly though haha

kiwibubbles, Dec 19, 10:41am
do a google image search for birthday cake for men and see if any of the pictures jump out at ya

dreamitliveit, Dec 19, 9:15pm
thats definitely given me some ideas thank you kiwibubbles!

sarahb5, Dec 20, 12:44am
For my son's 18th I made a square chocolate cake (his favourite cake), covered it with white fondant and got an iPhone 5 made of fondant to go on the top (that's what he had for his birthday).Then I just wrote a birthday message next to it in the blue writing icing and put a ribbon around it to hide the slightly untidy edge of the icing next to the board.Added some of the "spray" candles and voila!

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