Mint Sauce Recipe

mctavi, Dec 16, 6:16am
Hi - does anyone have a mint sauce recipe! I've used the search function, but there isn't an actual recipe, just people raving about how amazing their recipes are. I'd like their recipes please LOL :-) Anyway - for Christmas presents, I'd like to give mint sauce! Any amazing recipes to be shared! :-)

justiyah, Dec 16, 6:49am
Id like a recipe to.My mum dose a awesome one but she doent give the recipe how how much of each thing.

scout_6001, Dec 16, 8:04am
This is the one I make, you can leave out the sherry if you like, but it does make it a bit special.I got the recipefrom some Woman's Weekly Recipe cards at least 20 years ago.It is a mint jelly.
½ cup finely chopped mint
1 cup white vinegar
3 tablespoons sugar
½ cup medium or dry sherry
½ cup lime jelly crystals

Simmer sugar and vinegar for 3 minutes, add and dissolve jelly. Add mint and sherry.
Allow to partly cool, and pour into jars with lids and refrigerate.
Important: Stir and shake occasionally until set to prevent mint settling in bottom.

mctavi, Dec 16, 8:32am
Thanks Scout_6001! If you omit the sherry (pregnant lady here!), should you make it up with an additional 1/2 cup of vinegar!

jaez1, Dec 16, 8:39am
The one I make on the day, is the old-fashioned one where you just chop up some mint finely. Dissolve sugar in hot water. Add some vinegar to taste the way you like it.
Then add the chopped mint.

mctavi, Dec 16, 8:43am
Thanks Jaez1 - do you have approximate measurements for vinegar/sugar etc! :-)

scout_6001, Dec 16, 5:43pm
Hi Mctavi, when I omit the sherry, I make up the extra half cup with adding equal amounts of water and white vinegar.

mercbens, Dec 16, 11:26pm
Hi mctavi
Try 2 tablespoons of sugar to approx just under half a cup of vinegar. Tis all just a splosh here and a splosh there with me lol

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