Coffee Cup Chocolate Cake recipe please

jaybee9, Apr 6, 1:45am
Hi, i used to have a recipe for an individual self saucing chocolate cake you made in a coffee cup in three mins. in the microwave. I can't find my recipe. Can anyone help! Happy Easter.

olwen, Apr 6, 1:47am

retired, Apr 6, 1:50am
Is this what you are looking for:CHOCOLATE PUDDING IN A CUP - Ingredients: 4 Tablespoons SR flour, 4 Tablespoons sugar, 2 Tablespoons cocoa, 1 Egg, 3 Tablespoons milk, 3 Tablespoons oil, 1 Mug, Mix flour, sugar and cocoa: Spoon in 1 egg. Pour in milk and oil, and mix well. Put in microwave for 3 minutes on maximum power. (1000watt) Wait until it stops rising and sets in the mug.

arabella33, Dec 3, 9:22am
Bumping for Linda125

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