Rainbow Cake.

littlemiss20, Dec 3, 7:26am
I am attempting a rainbow cake for Miss 4 this weekend.Any tips to make it successful!

geldof, Dec 3, 7:27am
Allow lots of time, and expect lots of dishes.

littlemiss20, Dec 3, 7:29am
Im needing a good basic cake recipe!Any ideas

hooksie60, Dec 3, 7:36am
Here you go give this a try i have seen it done recently for a birthday and it was awesome.post some pics when its finished.hope it helps

littlemiss20, Dec 3, 7:47am
awesome thanks hooksie60 :)

hooksie60, Dec 3, 7:56am
You are welcome littlemiss i plan on having a go myself just haven't had the time let us know how it goes :-)

littlemiss20, Dec 3, 8:11am
Will do Im not much of a baker so Im not sure there will be photos -

ksr, Dec 3, 8:49am
3 packet cake mixes - split each cake into 2 so you have 6 bowls of mix and add colour to each one :)

julz29, Dec 4, 12:55am
And to get a more whiter cake for the color to take I used egg whites I used the vanilla cake mix Betty crocker! And also gel colors take better

hooksie60, Dec 5, 5:56am
How did it all go littlemiss!

makespacenow, Dec 5, 6:25am
My daughter just ask for one of these! B-day next week.
They must be popular this year.
Will be making my from scratch, 7 layers, heart shape. As requested.
Why do I even ask each year!

hooksie60, Dec 5, 7:34am
what recipe do you use makespacenow!

goldgurl, Dec 5, 7:31pm
agree with Julz about the colouring to use.the regular food liquid colouring in tiny bottles just don't cut it, the colour will come out dull :(

ange164, Dec 5, 7:52pm
I want to make one too in january. I don't know how I'm going to go with making it though. $8.50 for each Gel color, makes a very expensive cake for a single use of each color. I don't otherwise color my cakes much at all.Maybe little miss could sell me her Gel colors one quarter used.

chatsmom, Dec 5, 7:55pm
Here's the recipe my teens used to make their rainbow cake but they didn't ice btw each layer.

makespacenow, Dec 5, 8:56pm
I will just make basic vanilla sponge. Easy and can make one layer at the time. Tested for the small size of my tin I just need the 1-1-1 ratio.
Using gel colours and sugar flair powders for some of the brighter colours.
There must be a pink one too as requested and will make sugar pink icing and fondant to decorate.

hooksie60, Dec 6, 6:14am
Looks greatbut think I would prefer to make one cake than all of the layers. I am going to giv it a go at xmas. only have the liquid colours thou so may not be as good as gel colours

hooksie60, Dec 6, 6:19am
I agree with the price of gel but if you read the recipe that i posted ( under notes) it says to add lots of colour so I am sure that the liquid works just as well just don't be shy when adding it the more the better as they say. I hope that helps

easyasabc, Dec 7, 5:42am
Look it up on pinterest they have all sorts on there type it in the search box

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