Crusty sides on a chocolate cake

maia13, Dec 3, 2:23am
Can anyone advise as to how to prevent crusty hard sides when cooking a chocolate cake! Cake is fine to eat but hard on the sides. Canola oil is used instead of butter.

maximus44, Dec 3, 7:52am
Do you line your tin with baking paper. I don't know if this would make a difference but just a thought. What temperature is the cake cooked at!

kinna54, Dec 3, 8:41am
could be the canola maximus says do you line the sides of the tin. I suggest trying lining the tin with a double thickness of paper, lightly greased .also lower your oven temp a bit and check on the position of the oven shelf.and classic bake rather than fan bake as the temp will be higher.

rainrain1, Dec 3, 6:20pm
yum, that is always my favourite, the edge bit

maia13, Dec 3, 9:13pm
I have lined the tin with baking paper and without, at the same temperature (fan baked at 170 degrees F) for 40 mins, with the same result of crusty sides. I have a fan oven. Cake comes out moist and yummy everytime. Tray in middle of oven only. I think I might reduce the oven temp and see how it goes. Thanks for the advice.

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