Uses for unsuccess (sp) Xmas Cake

anne1955, Nov 29, 5:58am
I know I am late making the Xmas cake .please don't shoot me.anyway decied to use another recipe and it just isn't as I want it.can someone all ideas accept tell me what to use it in other than steamed pudding well covering in in custard :)Friut balls!Truffles etc all help I can get will be great.Tomorrow I'll make my normal one.I always say never a failure just something else.Thanks Anne

anne1955, Nov 29, 5:58am
That should have read unsuccessful sorry not my day :)

sarahb5, Nov 29, 6:19am
We used to have these "truffles" in a bakery I once worked in which were basically mushed up cake coated in chocolate - they were quite big - somewhere between golf ball and tennis ball size.I assume you would need some sort of liquid to mash it up and make it into a ball unless it's a moist cake.

I know with Christmas pudding you can slice it up and fry it in brandy butter so maybe that would be an alternative too.

floralsun, Nov 29, 9:26am
If it has a lot of fruit, use it in place of fruit in other recipes - cakes, muffins, etc. ie. - 1 cup dried fruit, use 1 cup crumbled fruit cake.
Use in place of bread in a bread and butter pudding.
Freeze it to use as puddings with custard or in baking throughout the year - it'll freeze well.

245sam, Nov 29, 9:35am
From the former Trademe Cooks.

"this recipe makes great puds
that you can freeze: 1 dstp sugar, 1 Tlbsp butter, 2 cups fruit cake crumbs, rub through the sugar, flour and fruit cake crumbs. then add 1/2 cup milk 1 Tlbsp jam and 1 tsp of baking soda. mix well. put into a greased pudding bowl and steam or boil for 1 and a half hours. wrap well in gladwrap and a plastic bag when cold and out of the pudding bowl and will freeze for months! they are really nice on a cold winter night for pud - enjoy!
posted by timetable

Xmas cake truffles (my favourite)
200gm milk chocolate, 2T cream, 400gm Xmas cake, 100gm nuts of your choice finely chopped (pecans & macadamias are nice), 1T rum or your favourite liqueu, Chocolate for coating truffles in. Melt the milk choc & cream in saucepan over low heat until smooth. Crumble in cake and then add rum & nuts. Mix well then refrigerate until mix is firm enough to roll into balls. Roll teaspoons of mix into balls and then freeze until firm. Melt extra chocolate (Nestle Melts are good here) and dip truffles into melted choco. Allow to set on a foil lined tray. These truffles are very good to freeze. posted by rkcroft

TASTE TEMPTER: take some vanilla ice cream out of the freezer and soften. Break the cake into small pieces. Mix into the ice cream and put back into the freezer.
posted by popeye333

everyone loves this.
1c stale xmas cake or pudding crumbled.2tbsp raspberry or strawberry jam.3-4 tbsp rum (I use brandy).2c icecream.1c whipped cream.Gently mix first 3 ingredients together.leave 10 minutes to develop flavour.combine with icecream and cream to give a rippled effect. put into clingfilm lined container. Freeze until firm. I do it in a microwave loaf tin and then slice to serve.
posted by neil_di"

Hope those help.

anne1955, Nov 30, 4:19am
Thanks people, not like me to have stuff ups and had two in a row yesterday, and it was going to be such a waste of so much fruit etc to say nothing of the booze :)Maybe I shouldn't be drinking the cooking sherry when I cooking ;)Thanks again people

pickles7, Nov 30, 4:34am
Fly cemetery"###

2 trays of "custard square pastry "above

Dry fruit,
cake crumbs or bread crumbs
[ this is where your not so popular baking can go, freeze until you have enough.]
Add a few spices, stewed apples to moisten,
a 1/2 cup of sugar ,[taste
2-3 eggs,
needs to be sticky. Spread onto a sheet of raw pastry,wet edges.
Put another sheet of pastry on top, prick well with a fork,
milk down sprinkle with caster sugar and bake in a hot oven.

No quantities given, as it really is a case of using your own cooking skills. taste before adding the eggs.dose it look fruity enough! etc.

pickles7, Nov 30, 4:41am
Christmas mince pies.
use the Fly cemetery recipe as the filling, add some brandy if you wish. Sweet paste rather than puff pastry.

mypeaches, Nov 30, 6:05am
Frozen Xmas Pudding.
Crumble fruit cake, stir into 2l tub soft vanilla ice cream. Add Rum ess (or the real thing). freeze in last years plum duff plastic bowl :-)

gaspodetwd, Nov 30, 8:08am
This. It's lovely.

wkr2011, Nov 30, 8:27pm
Ah - my friend taught me a cool thing to do with left over Xmas cake.Crumble it up and add melted butter (forget how much sorry!) and large splash of rum or brandy essence.Roll up into tight balls and then drizzle melted white chocolate over the top (looks like snow).These are delish!

wkr2011, Nov 30, 8:58pm
Ooh I forgot the most important part!Decorate with a jaffa in the middle and spearmint leaf lollies poked in either side!So pretty!

nzl99, Nov 30, 9:21pm
What I do is. pop the broken cake bits into the food processor. blitz until you have fine crumbs. or if it's really moist then it will come together in a sticky ball. then add a bit of moisture. cream cheese, ricotta, liquier, juice, condensed milk. whatever. enough so that it will come together and form a ball when pressed.Then roll in chopped nuts, coat in choccie, choc hail. whatever takes ya fancy.Used up ginger loaf the other day and made into white choc and walnut ginger balls. YUMMO!

ams7, Dec 2, 7:17am
I have yet to try this but it sounds good

BBQed Christmas Cake with Tipsy Sauce (Serves 8)

8 Slices Xmas Cake 2cm thick
25g Melted Butter

Tipsy Sauce:
300ml Cream
300g Brown Sugar
30g Butter
4 Tbs Brandy or Whisky

To make the sauce, place the cream, sugar and butter into a saucepan.Bring to the boil and cook until the mixture thickens (about 5 mins).Remove from heat and allow to cool before adding the brandy or whiskey.

Brush each slice of xmas cake with butter.Place the slices of cake onto a clean, preheated BBQ grill.Cook the cake on a medium heat for about 2 mins per side or until warmed through.Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a drizzle of tipsy sauce.

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