Gardie Xmas Cake?

grouch, Nov 24, 7:46pm
When you cover and wrap with the tin foil, is this while the cake is still cooling down or do you do this when its completly cold. I have made mine and folded the paper down over the top and just put the tin foil over the top of the cake and have left it over night to cool. When I lifted it to have a peek I have found its quite wet with moisture under the layers. Now do I leave it a bit longer and then lift from the tin and wrap in the gladwrap! I dont want to get this wrong. Sorry for being so dumb!

dwyn5, Nov 24, 11:17pm
I leave cake in tin to cool down, then when the bottom of tin is just warm and no more I take the cake out, put upside down on a cake rack until completey cold.Then wrap in greaseproof paper, then tinfoil.Back into cake tin like that then store in a cool place until needed.

gardie, Nov 25, 2:20am
Grouch - I leave it like it you did overnight and then in the morning, remove the newspaper (or outer baking paper if you used that), keeping the 'closer' baking paper on the cake then wrap it all very well in glad wrap.I also store it in the fridge until its cut and then it sits on the bench.Sorry I didn't get in to answer earlier.You've probably done it by now.
Edited to add - I think the moisture helps to keep the cake well.I have never ever had a problem.

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