Whats best dressing for an egg and celery salad

dibble35, Nov 20, 5:44am
I want a nice creamy dressing, any recipes please, TIA

uli, Nov 20, 6:11am
Half greek yoghurt (unflavoured) and half mayo (a good one without sugar).

Add some vinegar (I use cider), salt, pepper and a bit of soy sauce.

Very finely diced onion and lots of garlic.

Maybe some spring onion .

And I would certainly add some lobster or prawns to that salad :)

There are lovely Australian wild caught banana prawns at present at most countdowns or new worlds.

dibble35, Nov 20, 6:14am
Sounds lovely Uli. except for the prawns. bleck! But the dressing sounds nice, thanks

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