Cake pops.has anybody

lynka1, Nov 16, 2:07am
bought and used the tins from the warehouse! The instructions say to use a cake mix and pudding mix. My question is which sort of pudding mix! Sponge, instant or ! TIA. Oh and did they turn out good!

guest, Nov 16, 5:05am
American recipe - 18.25 oz cake mix plus Instant pudding mis [made from modified starch] ...

cookiebarrel, Nov 16, 8:09am
From what I have gathered you don't have to use a pudding mix with the cake mix, just use a good firm cake mixture, not soft like a sponge one.If you wanted to give it a go and use a pudding mix with it then use instant pudding mix.I have made them using banana cake and a chocolate cake mix, neither of them packet mix and they turned out okay. Maderia or pound cake recipes work.I am doing red and green ones for Christmas. My tins weren't Warehouse ones but the same thing.

hotstuff111, Nov 16, 8:42am
i brought some from ausie last week and you use a packet of oreo bickies and a tub of cream chesse and mix together then put into moulds and put into fridge to setthen apply sticks and dip into chocolate. my moulds are metal .

lynka1, Nov 16, 8:04pm
Thanks guys, will give it a try later and see how we go!

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