Prince charles bday cake recipe

phil85, Nov 15, 5:56am
anyone got the link for it! Thanks :-)

r-mvz, Nov 15, 5:59am

r-mvz, Nov 15, 5:59am

nik12, Nov 15, 10:11am
Looks nice and easy. what do you recon would happen if you didn't tip the alcohol over it and leave it to age!

usualsuspect, Nov 15, 1:03pm
what do the plain white ones represent!

rainrain1, Nov 15, 7:29pm
Otago at lambing time

fifie, Nov 15, 7:29pm
Made one similar to this 2 yrs ago with balck current jam in it as a xmas cake, was quite nice, the alcohol poured over adds to the flavour and helps keep it moist, while sitting maturing. Personally i prefer the cake with curry powder in for good flavour.

sarahb5, Nov 16, 12:29am
Looks lovely and a great idea - I just want to know which one he chose though

vintagekitty, Nov 16, 12:42am
I think he chose the silver fern one!. Well, Camilla was wanting him to choose that one

sarahb5, Nov 16, 3:14am
So if he's got any sense it will have been that one then!

gardie, Nov 16, 4:04am
A student's father got to celebrate his birthday with the prince!He cut his cake last night and said it was delicious although you could really taste the alcohol. He got one with a Maori design on it.I think I'm going to have a go at making one.

gardie, Dec 29, 6:58am
This was the most lovely Christmas Cake that I've ever baked and I've made the same recipe for years and years.My extended family were impressed too.Will be my cake of choice for next Christmas.Did anyone else make this!

nickyd, Dec 29, 8:52pm
I have made it - but haven't yet iced or cut it as we are taking it away on our holiday in a couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to it after your comments - I must admit I don't usually try new Xmas cake recipes - tend to stick with "my usual" - which we have cut and started to eat - was delicious - hope Prince Charles' one is too.;-)

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