Egg substitute

glynsmum, Nov 9, 12:59am
Does it have egg yolks in it any idea who sells it please!

uli, Nov 9, 5:04am
No it is an egg replacement and made from potato starch, tapioca flour, calcium carbonate, citric acid, vegetable gum, methylcellulose.

You can buy it from

Are you allergic to eggs!

eastie3, Nov 9, 5:11am
I buy Orgran No Egg from the supermarket.

frances1266, Nov 9, 5:50am
Find a vegan site and you will find many options for egg free.Flaxseed gel is good as is No Egg. Banana, other fruit mashed is a good sub.Tofu is good for scrambled tofu, egg free omelettes and fritattas.Lots of substitutes out there.

vase, Nov 9, 5:52am
golden syrup is another substitute

uli, Nov 9, 7:45am
Depends what you want to use it for. For baking yes - but not very successful for omelettes etc.

lotsagiggles, Nov 9, 10:31am
someone suggest buttermilk instead of eggs in baking. Depends on the reason your not using them.

glynsmum, Nov 11, 3:51am
Wow thanks every one I've been told my cholesterol is to high and amongst other things I thought I can drop egg yolks.I only have them about once a week two boiled eggs and soldiers love them yumI use only skim milk pro biotic yougurt unsweetened do have cheese but Edam about twice a week used to drink red wine but have dropped that i can't think what else cook in rice bran oil lean meat so!

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