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springtime, Nov 5, 7:21pm
Used to be able to buy this quite easily decades ago,now I seldom see it.Is there a NZ supplier who makes these kind of cakes.Would love to get some to a friend who is pining for some.

korbo, Nov 5, 7:43pm
oh yes, in the 60's my late auntie would take me to a shop in Palmy Nth, for an orange drink and it, but never see it now.

davidt4, Nov 5, 7:50pm
I loved it when I was a child - the Auckland Museum Cafeteria always had it.It's called Battenberg Cake, and it wouldn't be too hard to make if you can't find a source.

sumstyle, Nov 5, 7:50pm
Sydenham Bakery have it - not certain if they stock it every week.

kuaka, Nov 5, 7:53pm
These are not so common now in the UK either, although not my last visit but the one before Mum fed me on the stuff till I was almost (but not quite) sick of it, because I had mentioned that it was a favourite.I actually brought two back with me, one for me and one for my neighbour.Got up the first morning home to discover hubby had eaten half the cake and chucked away the marzipan which he doesn't like.Men!

sarahb5, Nov 5, 8:10pm
Mum used to buy it heaps when we were kids in the UK because her and dad liked it but I never did - I hated the marzipan and would peel it off, give it to my brother and just eat the cake.Now I love marzipan you never see it in the shops - good ol' Murphy's law again!

sarahb5, Nov 5, 8:11pm

nauru, Nov 5, 10:39pm
Sometimes you can find the mini ones (6 pack) in CD, I think that they are Mr Kipling ones. Hubby likes battenburg cake so I buy them occasionally.

daleaway, Nov 5, 11:19pm
Strathmore Bakery Wellington makes brilliant ones.

lyttelton2, Nov 6, 8:03am
The (Dutch!) bakery in Fendalton Mall, Christchurch (Memorial Ave on the way to the airport) sell it regularly.

cookessentials, Nov 6, 10:28pm
One of my favourites. Used to be able to get "Mrs Kiplings" mini ones in a box at the supermarket

biggles45, Nov 7, 3:04am
They are very easy to make. Were a big favourite in this house once, but haven't made one for years. Can look out my recipe if you want it, but there are probably heaps on the web if you google it.

badams1, Nov 7, 6:49am
biggles, can we have your tried and true.recipepleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.x

patl3, Nov 7, 7:05am
Yum! Yes! My mom used to make it. I love marzipan.

biggles45, Nov 7, 5:45pm
Sure, it is from Mrs Beeton's Everyday Cookery published UK 1969 so you will need to convert to grams (my scales do grams and ounces so I have never converted!)

8oz marg or butter
8 oz castor sugar
4 eggs
8 oz flour
Pinch of salt
2 level tsp baking powder
Apricot jam

Marzipan (gives recipe but I get ready made!)

Cream fat and sugar till pale. Add well whisked eggs gradually, beating well between each addition. (If starts to curdle add a little of the flour as well). Sift flour, baking powder and salt and stir lightly into the mixture. Mix to a soft dropping consistency, adding a little water if necessary. Divide mix into 2 and colour one pink with red food colouring. Bake in 2 oblong tins (recipe doesn't give tin sizes but I use large loaf tins) for around 30 mins at 175c or until skewer comes out clean. When cool cut each cake into 2 strips about 20 to 23 cms long and 4 cms square, join them together with apricot jam. Roll marzipan into an oblong wide and long enough to wrap round cake. Trim edges to fit. Spread apricot jam on marzipan. Place cake on top and wrap marzipan around, joining edges neatly (trim carefully if needed).

Enjoy - takes a little time but worth it. Haven't made one for ages, but might do one now you have reminded me!

ETA- the cake trimmings get used in trifle, if they stay around long enough!

badams1, Nov 7, 9:05pm
Thankyou, making shortbread, and xmas mince pies at the moment, your recipe next .in a couple of days. cheers, will give my lips amd tummy, real joy.hips, well who cares about them.x

biggles45, Nov 7, 9:37pm
You're welcome. Have an awesome never fail boiled fruit cake recipe from the same era that I still make regularly if you want it, already converted to grams. It keeps really well, in fact it is better made a few days before you want to eat it! It is great for a moist Xmas cake too, either iced or with fruit on top.

indy95, Nov 8, 7:31pm
Those were the days.I recently checked every bakery in Palmerston North looking for Battenburg cake and drew a blank. Young shop staff had never heard of it and while one or two older women knew what I meant they hadn't seen it available for sale for some years. Ruth Pretty's column in the DomPost weekend supplement featured a recipe earlier this year.

indy95, Nov 8, 7:38pm
Biggles45, I would like that recipe please when you have time to post it.

waswoods, Nov 9, 2:59am
Village Bakery in Tawa sell these

tjman, Nov 9, 3:22am
The English shop sells Mr Kiplins

sarahb5, Nov 19, 6:20am
They had Battenberg in our New World bakery today but it was more of a chequerboard effect (3 x 3) rather than the traditional 4 squares if you know what I mean

catgirl8, Nov 19, 7:47am
its not that long ago, maybe 10 yrs, that Ervines used to make them

webbo2, Nov 19, 8:58pm
Oh, and Mr Kiplings 'French Fancies'!

sarahb5, Nov 19, 9:34pm
Used to have those at every party I ever had or went to growing up - I loved the yellow ones

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