What is causing my baking to

actiongirl1, Nov 5, 12:07am
rise up like a volcano eruption.I have been baking for years and just recently my banana loaves and cakes and NOW my date loaf have all risen up in the middle!Still taste great but very unseemly to look at at lol.

kiwitrish, Nov 5, 12:45am
maybe the oven thermostat needs looking at.Sounds as if the oven is too hot.

actiongirl1, Nov 5, 1:03am
Thanks, I have just got a new oven, it was happening in the old oven as well.I have moved towns and never had the problem before this. will probably just have to carry on practising. lol. no one complains as it still tastes great.

carlosjackal, Nov 5, 1:45am
Buy an oven thermometer.they are brilliant!

fifie, Nov 5, 2:57am
Or try reducing temp a bit in your oven, this happened to me when i shifted house and adjusting temp in the different oven solved the problem.

uli, Nov 5, 2:59am
I had that years ago when getting some other brand of baking powder. Not sure which it was though LOL, as I hardly ever use it. Much prefer yeast or sourdough!

sarahb5, Nov 5, 3:11am
Same and then we shifted again and I had to compensate the other way because the oven wasn't hot enough - was very confusing for a while until I got used to it

actiongirl1, Nov 5, 4:02am
Thankyou everyone, I am going to make the date loaf again tomorrow and lower the temperature. will let you all know how it goes.

actiongirl1, Nov 6, 1:13am
Well.a much better result, turned the oven down from 180 to 150, it did start to rise up more from the middle but I pressed it back down with the flat end of a knife and all good.but took about 10 minutes more to cook.
Thanks everyone for your input.

spotswood, Nov 6, 2:20am
I tend to hollow the middle of the mix before putting in the oven so the baking comes out quite level.

camper18, Nov 6, 9:13am
If you are using 'fanbake' switch to 'bake' only, as I had this trouble with my chocolate cakes until someone told me this.

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