Christmas cake with condenses milk

glynsmum, Oct 27, 11:31pm
Help i've got as far as boiling fruit water vinegar and butter add baking soda and condensed milk.but I dont see any eggs mentioned have I copied it out wrongly is there eggs in this cake please Copied off receipes a few days ago.

wheelz, Oct 27, 11:45pm
Have you checked in recipes left hand corner!

pickles7, Oct 27, 11:56pm
bumped the thread up. It is up to you to go on without the eggs if you wish. I personally would not skimp and have to start over. You could add 4 eggs to it any way, they won't ruin the cake. I feel the eggs were lost somewhere when the recipe was rewritten.

pickles7, Oct 28, 12:10am
You think condensed milk dose not have any sugar in it!.

elliehen, Oct 28, 12:13am
pickles, don't be silly ;)

Most people don't require the word "added" every time you talk about sugar!

roseann48, Oct 28, 12:48am
Have made this often over many years & never use eggs. Beautiful cake

glynsmum, Oct 28, 4:17am
Thanks all I used my noddle and put it the thingy on the left cake made looks a little pale mine usually come out darker but the proof will be at Christmas thanks all for coming to the rescue.

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