Cake Pops?

2603962, Oct 27, 6:33am
At a fair last night they were selling cake pops they were round and covered in chocolate I was told they were all the rage and all kids know what they are.Does any one knowplease what type of cake mix they are made from and how to get them so round!

cookessentials, Oct 27, 6:35am
Use a firm cake and you could use a melon baller or similar to get the round shape.

cookessentials, Oct 27, 6:37am
Use a firm cake and you could use a melon baller or similar to get the round shape.!v=PXCm7XTKXRc

alphadave, Oct 27, 6:51am
Basic recipe is what ever cake you want, baked and cooled, then crumble it into breadcrumb sized crumbs, add some frosting then mix till it holds its shape, roll into balls and pop a stick in them.
Freeze till firm then dip in melted choc, once choc sets you can decorate.

I found carrot cake with cream cheese frosting was delicious, dont want too much frosting (sugar) as there is lots of choc on each one.

2603962, Oct 27, 6:53am
thanks I was thinking that you had to buy a special cake tin or simular.Great ideas its appreciated.

baalamb, Oct 27, 7:00am
I think you can buy silicone moulds for them if you wanted to - but I'd go for the above suggestions rather than having to buy a special one.

pheebs1, Oct 27, 8:00am has a vid on these

cookiebarrel, Oct 28, 2:01am
You can do it either the way suggested above or you can buy special cake pans to make them round.I have done both.

eastie3, Oct 28, 3:09am
Who sells the round white sticks/ skewers ! Those I have seen online seem rather pricy for what they are.

tapuwer, Oct 28, 6:34am
You can buy the tins at either K mart or the Warehouse for around $15.00

carriebradshaw, Oct 28, 6:42am
Have a look on's famous for her cake pops.

cookessentials, Oct 28, 7:12am
most cookware stores that sell cake decorating products

eastie3, Oct 28, 7:53am
Thanks Cooks.

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