What to use instead of egg when I cook fish

whistlingwings, Oct 25, 8:23am
Mygranddaughter is allergic to egg.What can I use instead of egg when I 'flour, egg and breadcrumb" fish.Could I use milk instead of egg.All I am needing to do is to use a 'wet' substance to make the breadcrumbs stick to the fish.

geldof, Oct 25, 8:40am
I use milk mixed with a little oil.

davidt4, Oct 25, 8:44am
Try cooking the fish without breadcrumbs.Just heatsome butter in a frying pan over moderate heat, salt the fish, fry it gently until barely opaque.Sprinkle over some finely chopped soft herbs (e.g. tarragon, parsley, dill, marjoram ), serve with some lemon wedges.

sunflowers28, Oct 25, 9:23am
Cook her fish in a parcel inthe oven along side the crumbed fish. Season fishwith s&p and herbs. Wrap it in baking paper. Place the fish on top sliced tomatoe and onion and agai cook in baking paper Can use tin foil.in place pf baking paper. Have used this method for guest who is is allergic to egg. Yes they still have chipsas well.
Can lightly brush fish with melted butter or oil and coat fish with breadcrumbs.

frances1266, Oct 25, 9:36am
Mix cornflour and water to a batter consistency, dip fish into this mixture and then dip into breadcrumbs.Is crispier than using egg and cheaper too.

dbab, Oct 25, 6:36pm
I use only breadcrumbs. They seem to stick okay as the fish is aleady wet.

leonie11, Oct 26, 3:42am
dip it in yoghurt instead of egg. flour, yoghurt, then crumbs, is lovely

devalois, Oct 26, 3:57am
Buttermilk, then Panko breadcrumbs.or seasoned flour, and pan-fry.oven-baked parcels.steamed in a little milk in the microwave (delicious).there's heaps of options.

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