Banana cake

didorothy, Oct 10, 1:58am
Another one Ive also mislaid. One bowl banana cake best ever It had 4 bananas oil sugar and 2 eggs but memory not so goodtoday!HELP

245sam, Oct 10, 2:19am
didorothy, is the mislaid recipe one that you got from here on the Recipe MB!If so, have you tried doing a search here on the MB using banana cake as the Keyword and Last year as the Date posted option.:-))

Edited to add that I have done a quick search here and also amongst the recipes from the former Trademe Cooks - without success for a cake with 4 bananas.Most recipes use 2-3 bananas (or cup measurements of mashed banana) so I wonder if when you have made that cake, have you added an extra banana to a recipe that actually states 3 bananas! - I often do that with the recipe I use for the very cake-like Banana Loaf that we enjoy.:-))

didorothy, Oct 10, 7:08am
Probably did the extra banana thing but mostly think Ive remembered it
3 ( or 4) bananas,into kitchen whizz with half cup oil , 2 eggs, half cup milk, baking soda. 3 cups flour with 2tsp BP ( or self raising 1 3/4 cup sugar.) I add cocoa and choc bits for banana choc cake. I tried to search but no joy.

245sam, Oct 10, 7:55am
Oh, I see didorothy, it's actually a "kitchen whizz" recipe that you're wanting.
I do recall seeing a recipe that was mixed in the kitchen whizz but I didn't think it could be the onebecause you had asked for a "one bowl" recipe. asap I'll have another look for that recipe for you.:-))

didorothy, Oct 10, 7:33pm
it was called " one bowl banana cake" on site ( not sure if it was trade Me) and mixed in kitchen whizz. SO easy no messing about with creaming stuff etc and makes a large cake.Thank you 245 sam fro your interest.

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