Lolly cake

claudeandstu, Oct 13, 8:41am
Total brain freeze here. How much butter and condensed milk to I put in!

245sam, Oct 13, 8:45am
115g butter
½ x 395g can sweetened condensed milk
1 x 250g packet malt biscuits, crushed
1 x 180g packet Fruit Puffs or Eskimoes or Licorice Allsorts, chopped

Warm the butter and sweetened condensed milk together until melted.Remove from the heat and add the crushed biscuits and the chopped sweets.Mix well, then form into a log and roll in coconutORpress into a 19cm square tin.Refrigerate.
Note:1 packet fruit puffs=56 puffs.:-))

claudeandstu, Oct 13, 8:46am
Thanks :)

extra thanks for the number of fruit puffs

245sam, Oct 13, 8:53am
You're welcome - my pleasure.
I thought that the number of fruit puffs is always handy to know especially if buying the fruit puffs from the bulk bin.:-))

bridget107, Oct 14, 12:09am

angel361, Oct 14, 12:11am
yum, looks like a good recipe bridget, I am gunna try that and make my girls a special treat for their lunch boxrs, thanks for that

bridget107, Oct 14, 12:13am
They'll love it!

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