Perforated base metal pie dish

nala2, Sep 27, 4:56am
I tried to buy a old fashioned metal pie dish with non scalloped sides today but could only find ones with perforated bases. I could see the possible benefits of the holes but as I was going to use filo I was not sure. Anybody used them and is there a difference in performance!

indy95, Sep 27, 6:33am
Themetal pie dishes I bought recently have small perforations in the bases and I have been very satisfied with them. I don't think there would be a problem with using filo.

nala2, Sep 27, 6:43am
Thanks for that.
Ialways thought (could be wrong) that the base should be a dull not shiny finish and metal to put an even temperature along the bottom to brown and cook evenly. just wondered how the holes would effect even heat distribution.

indy95, Sep 27, 6:50am
When I bake pies I always put an oven tray in to heat when I preheat the oven and sit the pie on it to cook. As I said I haven't had any problems and the bases of my pies are well cooked and browned.

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