Banana cake trifle.

mellaboosh, Oct 1, 8:29am
hi there i tried the best caramel and banana cake trifle in Rarotonga it was to die for. Wondering if anyone has a recipe! there was this yummy caramel custardy goodness all through it and it used banana cake instead of sponge. tia :)

chooky, Oct 1, 6:41pm
Oh that sounds yummy, I hope someone can help. I will be keping my eye on this thread.

waiting6, Oct 1, 11:06pm
me 2

geldof, Oct 1, 11:17pm
Did it have fruit in it as well!

I might have a fiddle with caramel condensed milk mixed with whipped cream.

245sam, Oct 1, 11:35pm
Was the trifle something like the one on this link except, as you say, made with banana cake rather than sponge cake!

245sam, Oct 1, 11:36pm
geldof, have a look above at#5 - it's along exactly the same lines as you are thinking.:-))

geldof, Oct 2, 12:11am
Thanks 245sam.Looks very healthy, NOT!
The nuts would add a nice texture.I would probably use some walnuts.

Might be one for the kids to make.

245sam, Oct 2, 12:27am
As they say geldof "everything in moderation" and that trifle has to have some health benefits - it has fruit/bananas in it = part of 5+ each day.

Re the nuts.I agree, walnuts would be my choice too, although an even more decadent choice would be to forego the nuts and instead add a sprinkling of grated chocolate or crumbled flake or drinking chocolate.
I'm kind of thinking (and salivating) at the thought of this tifle and the flavour combo' has me also thinking of how similar the flavours would be to those of Banoffee Pie.;-))

geldof, Oct 2, 12:52am
STOP IT245sam!

mellaboosh, Oct 2, 11:50pm
i was thinking cream and caramel condensed milk also or normal custard and caramel condensed milk! hmmm might give it a go!

245sam, Oct 2, 11:57pm
Please let us know what you do/did and how it turns out mellboosh.:-))

mellaboosh, Oct 13, 6:41am
ok so i finally made the recipe posted above. used nestle caramel condensed milk instead as i could not find the other caramel product (think it is the same thing) i left out the chopped banana and used banana cake instead of sponge and omg it was soooooooo yummy. what a nice birthday desert for me today :)

rarogal, Oct 13, 6:53am
I would probably use all three! Just to make it extra deliciously disgusting!

rarogal, Oct 13, 6:55am
Tararua put out a yummy caramel mousse also. I use their chocolate mousse for my chocolate trifle at Xmas. Oh I'm drooling!

mellaboosh, Oct 13, 6:59am
oh i did not think of looking in the chilled section! sounds yummy!

geldof, Oct 13, 7:09am
I did one last week as well.
Banana cake base (moistened with a little maple syrup)Sliced bananas then caramel condensed milk mixed with whipped cream. Topped with chopped fresh walnuts.
VERY rich but really nice.

vintagekitty, Oct 13, 7:09am
Happy birthday!, gosh that sounds nice for a treat. I love that caramel condensed milk. I use it to make banoffie pie

mellaboosh, Oct 13, 7:31am
So yummy aye! I used kahlua (only cos i had it) but maple syrup sounds yummy to!

mellaboosh, Oct 13, 7:32am
Thank you. was a lovely day and sooooo full now! lol. The caramel condensed milk is delish!

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