zharacadz, Sep 13, 4:42am
So I have suddenly acquired a taste for them, but not sure how to cook them. I spoke to one fish guy who told me to always rinse them well before I cook them, he said any seafood should be thoroughly rinsed, and then another fish guy said not to ever rince prawns and that any good chef will tell you not to rinse them. What do you do! Also how would I cook garlic butter prawns that I ate in Bali once! Any ideas please!

rainrain1, Sep 13, 4:50am
I just cook them in garlic and parsley butter, the juices from the prawns add to the flavour of the sauce which I devour along with the prawns.if you wash them you will wash away flavour.Taste for salt before eating.afraid I don't know how the clever chefs do it

zharacadz, Sep 13, 5:07am
A good prawn, is one in my tummy. Sorry, I am prawn unfriendly! Lol

shelleigh, Sep 13, 5:15am
I had chilli prawn pasta last week and it was very tasty so look out Fishy.

fifie, Sep 13, 5:20am
Made prawn thai curry last night, was yummy on rice.

dennis211, Sep 13, 5:23am
I heard you were a shrimp.

vinee, Sep 13, 5:44am
I'm not normally into cream sauces but I like prawns (plus squid and mussels and fish sometimes) heated up in a pan with a good slosh of cream and sweet chilli sauce over noodles.

motorbo, Sep 13, 6:06am
big fat aussie prawns.are cheap here in aussie :)

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