Those little tin dishes that Indians use

badams1, Sep 12, 7:33pm
Does anyone know, what they are called and where i can purchase. Seen on a travel programe, they click into each rice in one, curry in the next .get the picture.cheers

margyr, Sep 12, 7:46pm
tiffan tins. google stackable tins that indians use to transport food.

davidt4, Sep 12, 9:36pm
They are called tiffin boxes, or tiffin carriers.You should be able to find them at any Indian or Pakistani general market or food market, or by mail order.

badams1, Sep 13, 3:41am
davidt4, thankyou,, all i need know is simple fool proof recipes to put in the wee tins, for a very special friend.Anyone.please.

badams1, Sep 13, 3:47am
david looked at the link ,just perfect.dahl, not sure how thats cooked like lentils, currymeat i can do .vegs what would be traditional and that might be a boundary pusher. but willing to try.if any great cook could give me a simple 5 steps. ill be in,, Little India , from my wee kitchen.x

daisyhill, Sep 13, 8:48am
I don't have any specific recipes for your different foods but if you are doing any sort of curry then make the paste from scratch, not from a jar. I found these Jamie Oliver recipes and use them all the time. The end result is SO much better than what I used to make the lazy way, and the kitchen smells amazing too :D

badams1, Sep 13, 10:10am
Fabulous daisyhill, tomorrow, im onto it.

purplegoanna, Sep 13, 10:19am
you can find them on here513039331
i got mine of here.very handy for picnic items like dips and sauces etc.

badams1, Sep 15, 4:26am
thankyou, having a wee look now.cheers

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