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timetable, May 16, 12:23am
bump to the top - its never too early to start the planning!

jenna68, May 19, 6:58pm
bumpin up x

valentino, May 30, 7:55am
... . ... .

245sam, Jun 8, 4:24am
bumped for timetable :-))

darlingmole, Jun 8, 7:05am
Right~! ! ! ! ! Turkey Bon-Bons Cooked turkey breast, stuffing (bread, fruit, cointreau! ). Place filling in pre dampened filo pastry, bind with butter, twist ends, spray with olice oil. Bake at 180 deg C for 20 mins. Serve on whole cranberry. Tie ends of bon-bons with chives when finished. This looks amazing yet is so simple. Tastes great too!

darlingmole, Jun 8, 7:10am
"Bomb" ... first things first: soak sultanas or berry of your choice in brandy, run (your choice) for 2 or 3 hours. Then: crush up 1 packet of chocolate biscuits , add 25g melted butter, mix well then press into pregreased round bowl. Chill in freezer. Meanwhile soften good quality vanila icecream and white 2 T golden syrup into it. Add soaked fruit to softened icecream and pour into biscuit base. Frzze for a few ors or until truely set. Tip upside down onto platter for serving then slice with sharp knife - easy, yet divine

timetable, Jun 9, 2:15am
bump back to the top for all the little elves who are gettin busy! !

floralsun, Jun 9, 8:57am
Bumping this great thread to the top for Christmas recipes.

crystalmoon, Jun 10, 3:58am
yip bump again... time to start thinking of what were having for xmas... off to Sydney this year and want to make some favourites over there to share.

timetable, Jun 26, 6:19am
bumping back to the top again

jenna68, Jun 28, 8:42pm
6months to go !

darlingmole, Jun 29, 12:04am
I'm thinking about getting cuttings getting them to take root and them growing them in old bakedbean tins which I'll cover etc and giving them as gifts. Last year I bought small white dishes at Farmers (end of lines) for about $1. 50 each and made my wicked boozey pate recipe and gave that to my friends.

darlingmole, Jun 29, 12:08am
I'm already getting organised for Christmas Each week I've put $10 onto a PaknSave christmas card so I've already for $250 for food/grog at Christmas. I've also bought my two toddlers mickeymouse/winnie the pooh sleeping bags off here on TM. Am getting a dolls house, will paint it up etc so am slowly building up a collection of presents. My teenagers will toiletries that I buy here and there during the year when on special and get money (their favourite! )The trick to a stress free Christmas is being organised don't you think?

juliewn, Jul 5, 1:48pm
*Waves to Tracey* - hope all is good there. . and bumping for Christmas gift ideas. .

jenna68, Jul 10, 3:21am
Hi julie, yes thanks, how about you girls? :o)

timetable, Jul 14, 7:43am
hi everyone! hope that all your prep is going well and that the christmas baking plans are well under way. blessings for the night!

wron, Jul 26, 5:15am
Agreed So back

timetable, Jul 29, 11:25am
bump to the top! hhi all - much blessing with the christmas planning!

darlingmole, Aug 2, 9:49am
Can you believe that as of tomorrow we're into our 31st week of the year? Christmas is fast looming. Who has some more ideas about a stress free Christmas or making presents? ... .

timetable, Aug 2, 10:05am
i have been keeping a to do list on the notice board and a shopping list in my bag all year. the layby's are nearly done and have started on the christmas ingreds stocking up from bin inn. got presents wrapped and ready for the kids and grandbabies, just about finished englands ones as well. making cards, and patchwork - a little each week. am always organised but seem more so this year. even got all the bits for the christmas crackers and xmas club is building lovely! ! take care all!

timetable, Aug 10, 5:32am
blessings everyone for the prep and planning! have a great night!

brianmac, Aug 12, 3:05am
Well folks, only a few months till Christmas, so thought it was time to dust off the Cristmas recipes and make a start. So here we go then.

brianmac, Aug 12, 3:14am
Spiced Fruit Mince 750g sultanas;750g raisins, chopped;450g currants;500g seeded dates, chopped;500g seeded prunes, chopped;400g green skinned apples, peeled, grated;200g brown sugar;2 tbsp finely grated orange rind;1 tbsp mixed spice;2 tsp ground cloves;1/2 cup plum jam;375ml brandy. Mix all together in a lge bowl. Cover tightly with plastic wrap. Store in cool dark place or fridge for 3 days before using. Can be kept under refrigeration for up to six months.

brianmac, Aug 12, 3:18am
Cinnamon Brandy Custard 6 egg yolks;75g caster sugar;500ml milk;300ml cream;1 cinnamon stick;1 1/2 tbsp brandy.
Beat egg yolks and sugar in med bowl with electric mixer until thick & creamy. Combine milk, cream and cinnamon stick in lge pan;bring to boil. Remove from heat, remove and reserve cinnamon stick. Gradually whisk milk mix into egg mix, return mixture and cinnamon stick to pan, stir over low heat without boiling until custard thickens and coats the back of a metal spoon. Discard cinnamon stick;stir in brandy.

toadfish, Aug 12, 3:20am
1 cup of loosely dried apricots,
1/2 cup of pistachio kernels
500grams of dark chocolate chopped
100 grams of butter
1 can of condensed milk small one 395gr,
1/2 cup of strand coconut... ...
melt the choc, butter & con milk stirring well, cut up the apricots & pistachios and add to the melted choc mix, pour into a lined and greased 24cm loose bottom tin and refrigerate this when cut should give you 20 slices...

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