Egg temperature for pavs?

wasala, Apr 18, 12:32am
I know they should be either room temperature or fridge temperature but I can't remember which! I've never made a successful pav before so I'm determined to get it right today!

doree36, Apr 18, 1:22am
Room Temperature. I always use room temperature eggs when i bake! !

maria121, Apr 18, 1:31am
Room temperature eggs. Remember to make sure that the bowl is cold.

wasala, Apr 18, 1:34am
Good tip. Thanks. I'll pop it in the fridge now!

donna23, Apr 18, 4:50am
Seperate the whites & yolks when cold from fridge (easier) then let whites come to room temp.

wasala, Apr 18, 9:46am
Aha... I'll try that next time. The pav was a flop - in that it didn't rise and came out all flat and chewy but not to be outdone, I opened a can of boysenberries, drained them, whipped up some cream, broke up the pav and combined them all. My children were a bit dubious but they were soon converted. I explained it was Eton Mess and my son said, "Well, I like eating mess! "

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