How to separate egg white and yolk Chinese style

jhan, Sep 4, 7:52am
Don't listen to it, just watch.
I gotta try it.

ange164, Sep 4, 8:04am
I tried it. It worked the first two times, but the next three I tried broke the yolks when I dropped suction before I was ready to drop the yolk in a second bowl. I made fruit cake with the failures.

peterg1, Sep 4, 8:33am
well blow me down, or up! I'll try it.

lilyfield, Sep 4, 9:01am
Much quicker to break the egg into your hand and let the white slip between your fingers, as I never have a plasticbottle in the house

kuaka, Sep 4, 11:55am
And I think you'd want to make sure the bottle you were using was absolutely clean and had no sharp edges, which plastic bottles often have.

sarahb5, Sep 4, 10:03pm
Clever but I don't have any problem separating eggs anyway - might show Mr 14 so that he can demonstrate for his home ec class

jude343, Sep 5, 4:45am
I have always split the shell so that one piece is larger than the other, the white runs over the top, use the second half to stop the yolk from going into the bowl.just so easy!

ange164, Sep 5, 6:17am
I agree, other methods are more practical, and I shall be sticking with them. For sheer novelty value however, I had to give it a try.

rivercottage1, Sep 5, 10:24pm
thats so funny, made me giggle. I cant wait to show Master 6 that one! so cool!

nzhel, Sep 6, 1:07am
Love it!

carlosjackal, Sep 6, 1:45am
I watched the vid clip and it's a very novel way of separating egg yolk from white.but the yolk looked pretty small. I use jumbo size eggs usually so would probably have to look for a bottle with a larger opening. I think I'll stick to cracking the egg shell on the side of a bowl - always had success so why change a good thing.

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