Lolly cake twist

rockdale1, Aug 12, 1:18am
Does anyone have a recipe for a lolly cake type but instead of lollies there are pumpkin seeds, nuts etc in it.Tasted it recently and it was delicious.

wildflower, Aug 12, 2:20am
Never heard of it but sounds good, I love toasted pumpkin seeds.Anyone!

jaybee6, Aug 12, 9:08am
Will share this as it is devine.

Nutty slice.
1cup Sesame seeds. 1 cup Pumpkin seeds. 1 Cup coconut. 1 Cup Brazil nuts. 250 g pkt gingernutbiscuits or biscuits you like. 1/2 cup chopped apricots. 1 tsp ginger. 125g butter 1/2 cup condensed milk.

Combine all seeds nuts coconut in fry pan. Stir cont. on low heat til mixture starts to pop.and coconut browns. Transfer mixture to bowl. Crus Bicuits to a fine crumb in processor. Sstir crumbs apricots ad ginger into tasted mixture. Place butter and condensed milk in sauspan stir over a lw heat until butter has melted. Pour over dry ingred. Mix well.Put into shallow baking tin coverand chill before cutting.mmmmmmm will be demolished very quickly.
You can use a pre mix of nuts and fruit I buy at countdown and they are really great for this.

rockdale1, Aug 13, 6:45am
Thanks for that, sounds great.

jaybee6, Aug 13, 8:15am
You will love it. I can not stop eating it so I dont make it often lol. It is so yum.

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