Caterpiller Cake

bluereefthree, Apr 17, 3:08am
I need a nice easy recipe for a caterpiller cake for my daughters 2nd birthday can anyone help me or steer me in the right direction

raewyn64, Apr 17, 3:24am
What if you used some sponge cakes, cut them into circles and put them together like in this pic, then ice them all and use some licorice pieces for legs maybe?
http://images. jpg

macac, Apr 17, 4:31am
Make lolly cake then shape and mold it then ice, add coloured coconut if you want and add lollies out side for legs and eyes and stuff.

2halls, Apr 17, 7:32pm
Make a batch of cupcakes, ice in lovely bright colours. Get a cake board (or a big cutting board), but a blob of icing on the base of each cupcake to stop them sliding all over the place and position the cupcakes like a caterpillar body. Use either thin pieces of licorice strap or pipe cleaners to make the legs and feelers. Should be a piece of cake ! ! :-)

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