Creamed rice with beaten egg white

imagine4, Aug 19, 2:53am
any one have this recipie.Used to make it many years ago.thanks.I have googled but not the one i looking for.

geldof, Aug 19, 3:12am
Don't you just make normal rice pudding, stir through the yolks at the end and then fold in the beaten egg whites!

elsielaurie1, Aug 19, 3:21am
Try google.

guest, Jan 11, 9:00am
Your answer shows real inglelitence.

guest, Jan 13, 1:41pm
Sorry Chef but I for one won't be celebrating "National Rice Pudding Day".And I can still viidlvy remember the angst of being force fed rice pudding during the x-mas holidays while living in Puerto Rico as a youngster.Nope... I ain't ever gonna eat this stuff again. Lo siento.

guest, Jan 14, 9:55am
salam, kheili khshoam oomad , faghat mikhastam bedoonam aval bayad mayeye tootfarangi va shekaro bayad bezarim sard she bad ba mast ghatish konim? ya lazem be sard shodan nist??mamnoon

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