Betty crocker frosting on a cake

donna12, Aug 24, 7:00am
I have mad a cake for my sones birthday tomorrow (first one ever!) and I really want to ice it tonight and decorate. I am using betty crockers frosting. Will this last till tomorrow if I do it tonight!

purplegoanna, Aug 24, 7:12am
mm yip as long as its not in a warm place, i use it when it for certain things like brownies etc.its yummy.

donna12, Aug 24, 7:27am
actually its betty crockers chocolate spread same deal!

purplegoanna, Aug 24, 7:30am
pretty sure thats what i thought you were talking about.little with plastic tub with red lid!

donna12, Aug 24, 7:56am
yep, i have just done a coat, so should i put in fridge for an hour and then do other coat or refrigerate and wait till morning! As you can tell I am a real beginner!

purplegoanna, Aug 24, 9:19am
i wouldnt keep the cake in the fridge overnite, it MAY go hard, just kep it covered somewhere cool.

kiwibubbles, Aug 24, 10:13am
keeping cake in the fridge can dry it out too

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