Cake baking question.

terachaos, Aug 25, 12:28am
When baking a cake ( or similar) how do you stop the edge go the cake burning when the rest of it requires cooking further! In particular, round cakes!
Finally got my baking mojo back after a very long estranged relationship!

kiwitrish, Aug 25, 1:19am
Sounds like your oven is too hot.

ange164, Aug 25, 1:26am
yes, I'd guess your oven could be running a bit too hot. But aside from that, you can line your tin with 2 layers of brown paper and one of baking paper, and that gives it a bit more time without browning as much. Put foil on top once it gets as brown on top as you want it to stop it going further.

marcs, Aug 25, 9:16am
I line my sides with a long piece of paper folded into four length ways. It stops the sides from burning. It get the cake to cook evenly as well.

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