Bakers Secret Baking tins

very_hotpants, Aug 25, 11:07pm
Are these any good!

winnie231, Aug 25, 11:29pm
I've got a Lamington Pan & the Petite Loaf Pan from Baker's Secret. They are excellent quality & I would recommend them.

calista, Aug 26, 12:31am
I have the petite loaf pan and a large loaf tin from Baker's secret.The only thing I have against them is that the large loaf tin won't fit in my crockpot. Otherwise they're great., Aug 26, 12:37am
I like them, they seem pretty problemfree.The ones I've got have lasted well, too.

very_hotpants, Aug 26, 5:13am
Thanks - Ive seem them on here and tehy seem cheap for what they are.

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