Icing for a Mud Cake Please

kaconda, Jul 28, 6:42am
I have been asked to bake a chocolate mud cake for a wedding cake. 2 tiers.
The bride wants white icing though. What would be the best to use! cake is being used as the dessert along with berries.

auntlb, Jul 28, 7:31am
could you do a white chocolate ganache!Prob would be cream rather than stark white though

rinda1, Jul 28, 7:45am
did one a few weeks back,covered in chocholate butter cream then placed in freezer for about 20 mins. until firm, thencoverd with white fondant, those who don't like the fondant just peel it off,it was also served as dessert with berry coli and whipped cream. when down a treat.

kiwiscrapper1, Jul 28, 10:01am
Ganache, equal quantities of cream and chocolate i.e. 100gms of chocolate 100mils of cream, bring cream just to boilingpoint pour over chocolate and mix until thechoco has melted, and u can use white choco.

raewyn64, Jul 28, 9:03pm
how long does a ganache last for with it having cream in it! Just thinking of using it myself but the cake won't be consumed all in one day.

rarogal, Jul 29, 5:04am
Would this ratio set or remain soft! Also wanting to ice mud cake next week, TIA!

jack47, Jul 29, 9:30am
thanks for all the ideas, like the sound of ganache then the fondant,
best of both worlds.

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