Baking soda

smoth_007, Jul 29, 7:52am
Where can I buy baking soda in bigger quantities!

Supermarket have 100-200g (that I have seen) I need a few kgs.

Bin Inn!

patxyz, Jul 29, 7:55am
Trademe of course

gaspodetwd, Jul 29, 8:02am
Bin inn. I tend to buy a kg at once. I use it for cleaning. And cooking. And laundry.
It's really, really cheap.

jude343, Jul 29, 8:10am
have a look on the packet, there is usually an 0800 number,
yes B/soda & white vinegar are my cleaning agents.

rarogirl1, Jul 29, 8:12am
Moore Wilsons Wellington sell it bulk, I'm not sure about the hutt or porirua.

kateley, Jul 29, 8:18am
last time I got countdown's home brand baking soda as it was cheaper than bin inn per kg.Also home brand white vinegar is cheaper per litre than bin inn

gaspodetwd, Jul 29, 8:45am
Last time I got mine it was 29c for 100g.

downsouth1, Jul 29, 9:19am
Any swimming pool shop will have it typically in 1, 5, 10 and 25kg.

dastedly, Jul 29, 9:43am
I get my lot from RD1 in 20kg bags .I think last lot was about $58

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