What to do with shin meat

Any ideas on what else to do with shin meat.other than slow cooker or a stew.Is that the only good way to cook it!can i put it in an oven bag!

Chef_faybian, Jun 25, 12:54 pm

If you slice it along the grain(thinly) you can flash fry it and use it in a stir fry.
If it is still on the bone it is excellent for Osso Bucco.

Chef_aglarana, Jun 25, 12:59 pm

I use shin on the bone in vegetable soup

Chef_lodgelocum, Jun 25, 2:02 pm

I braise mine with lots of root veges, beef stock and a packet of Maggi Oxtail soup. Served with kumara mash with horseradish, excellent.

Chef_collnz, Jun 25, 4:10 pm

Of course you can put it in an oven bag. Just cook it low and slow. You have to break down all the tendons with slow, moist(ish) cooking so it will be tender, but you don't have to have a lot of liquid. It is full of flavour though, so enjoy it!

Chef_punkinthefirst, Jun 25, 4:15 pm