Baked Cheese Cake

joianprebble, Jul 7, 2:23am
I made 1 for 1st time today and are worried asnot looked set . Will it set more as it cools down . Thank you

firemansgirl, Jul 7, 2:24am
In a word; yes :-)

geldof, Jul 7, 2:39am
It should have a slight wobble in the centre when you take it out of the oven.Will set on chilling.
If it is still liquid out to the edges, it may have needed more baking.

kinna54, Jul 7, 3:24am
The above is a recipe Italian cheesecake, I posted a few days ago

joianprebble, Jul 7, 9:19pm
thanks for your help . Think it need a bit more cooking but still tasted good

harrislucinda, Jul 8, 12:32am
ijustmadethat onethatwasonmastercheflastweek itsetlovelyandwhen i sawwasnotsetjustcookedabitlonger

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