What to do with left over coconut cream

I opened up a can of coconut cream to add to some pumpkin soup and am looking for ideas of what to do with the leftover 2/3 can.All I can think of is curry and coconut rice pudding.Anybody got any other good ideas.

Chef_nevada9, Jul 10, 9:58 am

Freeze it in small amounts for next time you need it.

Chef_dbab, Jul 10, 10:56 am

Freeze it.or make curry.or more soup.I chuck the whole can into my pumpkin soup.

Chef_jag5, Jul 10, 2:11 pm

coconut panna cotta with some tropical fruit!

Chef_geldof, Jul 10, 2:43 pm

or.Pani Popo.oh so good.Samoan bred rolls cooked in coconut milk.delicious.

Chef_jag5, Jul 10, 2:45 pm

I freeze in icecube trays,once frozen transfer to a ziplock bag.

Chef_eastie3, Jul 10, 3:23 pm