Left over egg white.what to do with it

jimbob37, May 29, 7:12am
Any ideas!

melissa411, May 29, 7:13am
how many! Make a pavlova!

jimbob37, May 29, 7:19am
Just one.

jimbob37, May 29, 7:19am
Do they keep!

winnie231, May 29, 7:36am
Freeze it.

timetable, May 29, 7:56am
whipp it up, pile it onto a piece of toast, make a well in the middle of it, drop an egg into the well, chop up tomato/mushroom/onion etc and sprinkle on top then put under grill till all nice and brown and cooked. lol one of the first recipes that i learnt at school. all those years ago!

jwalkerno1, May 29, 7:58am
egg whites keep really well in the freezer and are much better for making pavlova.So store them in a plastic bag with the air removed and write on the bag how many so you know when you have enough for a pav.

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