Birthday Cake attempt.

sweetfanny, Jun 5, 10:18am
Ok people, so this year i can't afford to get my sons birthday cake made, soooo I am going to have a go myself. He tells me he wants a grand theft auto cake.
What hints and tips can you give a beginner! Thanks

elliehen, Jun 5, 11:35am
Here are some Grand Theft Auto Cake photos :)

kiwitrish, Jun 5, 8:05pm
Why not get an edible photo of it and put it on the cake.Easy.

chicco2, Jun 5, 9:03pm
Good on you for having a go. The most simple and easy would be to print a pic of his choice, then get it laminated. Place it on top of the iced cake. Wrap an matching ribbon around the sides and place a candle on top.
I hope your son has a great day.

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