Need egg recipes

squimage, Jun 10, 6:56am
I have 6 dozen eggs! What to do with them! I need some recipes to use up these eggs.What is some stuff I can make and freeze maybe!

jessie981, Jun 10, 7:42am
You'll be cooking till the chooks come home. Have you checked out the lefthand message board for recipes/ Hope you have a large freezer.

veejay13, Jun 10, 7:44am

katalin2, Jun 10, 8:06am
I made a bacon and egg pie for 9 for lunch today- used up 18 eggs! It was delicious- hardly any leftovers. Free range eggs from our chooks- I am surprised they are still laying with snow still around the back yard.

treens2, Jun 10, 9:45am
Hi could you share your recipe

vat, Jun 10, 9:54am
Sounds like 4 dozen bacon and egg pies coming up :)

katalin2, Jun 10, 10:18am
I don't really use a recipe any more, but here goes: spray your pie tin- I used a small roasting dish- line with savoury short pastry (frozen sheets from supermarket- I used the one that said 40% less fat) - sprinkle a little semolina on pastry so doesn't go soggy- line pastry with bacon slices. Cover with finely chopped onion. Break half the number of eggs on top of bacon and onion and prick yolks with a fork . Beat other half of the eggs into a bowl and whisk with a little milk or cream and salt and pepper. Pour into pie dish. Add more bacon if you have enough; grate tasty cheese on and cover with finely sliced tomato. Place some strips of pastry on top - brush strips with a little left over egg. Bake in hot oven until egg has set and pastry on top starts browning- depends on the size of your pie. Very nice cold as well. Can use bacon pieces instead of slices. The one I made today was about 5cm tall so took quite a while to cook- over an hour- but usually in a normal pie tin using 6 or 8 eggs would only take about 35 minutes.

catlover28, Jun 11, 1:44am
Pikelets and pancakes freeze well in my expeirences. Cheesepuffs, they freeze well and are good for lunch's. Make a quiche for tea.

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