Best cake mix & bulk cake mix?

kathyb, Jun 10, 1:42am
I've come to the conclusion that for kids birthday cakes I can't be faffed making the base cake from scatch (not when it takes HOURS to decorate all fancy like).

Does anyone have any views on what the best (tastiest, and nice texture) cake mixes on the market are!

The ones I am aware of include Betty Crocker, Edmonds and Binn Inn.

I tried home brand once and it was not very nice.

On a side note, does anyone know how you would get hold of cake mix in bulk, apart from at Bin Inn!


falcon-hell, Jun 10, 3:43am
if i was not bothered i'd buy a cake from a bakery instead of making a packeted one.

korbo, Jun 10, 5:28am
I prefer Edmonds, buttercake and chocolate packet mix, for a quick nice cake. never hada failure.

sarahb5, Jun 10, 11:31pm
I have used Betty Crocker's cake mixes - they seem to be pretty good - cake is tasty and moist, and once iced you can't tell the difference between homemade and home baked!I always beat for longer than they say though.

sarahb5, Jun 11, 2:05am
Edmonds butter cake and chocolate cake mixes on are 1 Day today - $3.49 a packet

nunesy, Jun 11, 4:16am
Edmond's are good, and I sometimes mix the buttercake and the chocolate together if I want it to look more 'homemade' - really easy to do.Once you've made the batters, just pour them into the tin (or two tins) half at a time, so buttercake first then choc or vis versa.Then with a knife swirl them around a bit to mix.Creates a nice random marbled effect with NO fuss.

sarahb5, Jun 11, 4:23am
When I'm feeling particularly lazy (or short of time) I use the Homebrand butter cake mix as the basis for a banana cake

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