Advice on starting baking business from home

charmed14, Jun 11, 9:12am
Does anyone know what is required eg council regulations!

bisloy, Jun 11, 9:14am
I know you have to use a certified kitchen - maybe ask your local polytech/uni/school home ec room if you can use their kitchen when no one else is.

poolgirl6, Jun 11, 9:28am
Get in contact with your local council.The food regulations are strict and changing.

vinee, Jun 11, 7:12pm
I think you have to have a separate kitchen from the household one.

kingmole, Jun 12, 5:22am
Quite true.

In particular you will need to talk to a planner (regarding possible home occupation rules) and an environmental health officer.

ange164, Jun 12, 5:24am
and get your food handlers certificate for wherever you end up doing the actual cooking.

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