Forgot the egg in the muffins. Ideas 2 use them?

ange164, May 20, 12:57am
Blueberry muffins. dense (not solid, I did remember the baking powder) and a little chewy but they're Otherwise tasty.
Aside from cubing some and pouring custard over for a dessert;
Do you have any other uses!They're not quite the lunch box treat I anticipated. I'm usually more onto it than that.

ange164, May 20, 1:17am
.having said that, they're the first muffins I've ever made that haven't *peaked* at All.

artemis, May 20, 3:09am
Bread and butter pudding!

ange164, May 20, 3:13am
That's a good idea too. Thanks.

gaspodetwd, May 20, 6:51am
Use as a crumble topping!
Whizz in a blender, add melted butter and use as a cheesecake base.
Slice up. Layer with chocolate mousse. And fruit.

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