Just broken another tin opener! grrr

neville26, May 16, 8:41am
Where did you get yours and how long have you had it for!! Any recommendations gratefully received. I am thinking I might have to spend more than $10 as the cheap ones don't last!

cookessentials, May 16, 9:03am
Had mine about five years. it isa Swiss Kuhn Rikon which cuts from the top of the can and folds the edges of the lid and the can, so no sharp edges. They are $39.95

neville26, May 16, 9:06am
Thank you! Can you remember where you bought it!

cookessentials, May 16, 9:17am
Um, yes. A specialty cookware store. If you are in Christchurch, try Ballantines it is called the Kuhn Rikon ergo lid lifter.

cookessentials, May 16, 9:21am
Oops, sorry posted twice

gojojo2, May 16, 9:21am
OXO brand from Steven's Best ever

falcon-hell, May 16, 9:21am
i paid $16 for mine and its getting shagged,god my hubby would have a hernia if i spent $40 on one cooks,lol

purplegoanna, May 16, 9:50am
ive got my mums one, it must be about 15-20yrs old.

katewest, May 16, 9:53am
I have the tupperware one. Cost about $50/60, but has a lifetime guarantee. I've had mine for years and it is still perfect.

cookessentials, May 16, 10:12am
Not cheap, however, take one at $16 that is "shagged" within a short period of time and then replace it and spend another $16.how much have you spent then!.$32. Now, if it gets "shagged" again theres $48.so it is false economy to continue to buy cheap can openers and continually replacing them

kuaka, May 16, 10:13am
Then don't tell him- Easy!

1grasshopper, May 16, 11:51pm
The can opener doesnt have a lifetime guarantee, its only a q guarantee meaning its 30days only.However they are very good, no sharp edges on can or lid

snapperheadrkp, May 17, 12:06am
DON'T purchase a Tupperware Can Opener at the exorbitant price they ask without getting a Guarantee from Tupperware head office in writing. I was given one for Xmas a fewyears ago and it packed up within 18 months. Any Tupperware dealers I approached said while the plastic stuff had a lifetime warranty, this did NOT apply to the can openers and other similar items. Eventually it was replaced (after my refusal to attend any more parties or buy any more Tupperware) Correct me if I am wrong!

medicina, May 17, 12:35am
This.And NO sharp edges anywhere!

biggles45, May 17, 12:37am
We bought the one touch can opener from Mitre10,it was brilliant. We don't use tins now so we sent it to mum, she loves it especially as she has arthritic fingers and can't manage a normal one!

herself, May 17, 2:51am
DEFINITELY buy a Tupperware Can Opener!Love my Tupperware Can Opener!If I ever have to replace it I will certainly buy another Tupperware opener but there is no sign of it needing replacement and it has had 8 years of use now.NO I do not sell Tupperware :-)

1grasshopper, May 17, 3:02am
As I said above, the can opener only has a Q guarantee, not the lifetime guarantee.This is clearly stated in the catalogue and on the order form.The person who replaced it for you would have done so out of their own pocket

angie117, May 17, 3:07am
I have an orbi its very good. Cost round $25.

pamellie, May 17, 3:29am
I too had a tupperware one, which starting packing up after a year or so. When I asked for a replacement I was toldthat it's only a lifetime guarantee on their plasticware. It was a shame as I really liked it but was not prepared to spend the money on another one (mine was a gift). 30 days seems a very short guarantee, it would make you wonder about the quality of a product.

nfh1, May 17, 3:44am
Brabantia here - had it for years - just looked and they are about $30 here.

pamellie, May 17, 4:40am
That's what I have too. It's been in my drawer for 20 plus years and came from my mother in law before that. Works well.

macb, May 18, 8:12am
OXO brand one $16.00 from Farmers is great.Had if for 6 years now and still going great.

cookessentials, May 18, 9:00am
Both Oxo and Orbi are good ( as well as the Kuhn Rikon) Oxo were designed by a chap whose wife had bad arthritis, so all of their products are supposed to be very good for people with arthritis.

nfh1, May 18, 9:05am
Is the OXO brand connected to the Oxo stock cubes!

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